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Social Combat (Update)

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It’s interesting how quickly a thought can be flipped on it’s head. In trying to balance a fine line between player free will and a scripted believable social combat mechanism, the conversation has taken a very interesting course.

Somehow the conversation got turned to emotional hitpoints. So with a list of Emotions, you can begin with a pool of emotion hitpoints and you assign them as you wish to outline the emotional status of your character. If you want a fearless fighter, he might just have 10 Fear Hitpoints, and 0 Purity Hitpoints or he could be more balanced. Whatever the system pans out to be, the breakthrough really comes from the concept of a developing a hit location system for social combat.

Tonitrus asked, “Could you have emotional armor? Or emotional Weapons?” The Answer of course is YES! What are they? I don’t really know.

Well, I actually do have some vague outline’ish type ideas on how they could work… Emotional Armor… It’s not really Armor, it’s more events that provide you with Damage Reduction to a Specific Emotion. An Example of play:

Your mudwife kisses you (+2 DR to Happiness Attacks)
Bubba, your boss, yells at you for doing bad job.
(Happiness Attack!)
(Bubba recieves +1 to his Social Attacks against you, because of his Social Standing vs You, [He’s your BOSS!])
Bubba seems furious.
(Bubba’s Anger Level gives him +2 to attack)
You are stressed.
(-1 Emotional Defense)
(Happiness is affected by 4 Points of damage)
Your Wifes’ kiss reminds you of good times.
(Damage Reduced to 2 points)

There’s all kinds of interesting ‘armors’ that you can provide examples for. Weapons I am still fuzzy on. Of course built correctly this system could be huge in a game where there are a lot of players interacting with each other at the same time and would make an interesting experiment.


Written by Troy

February 21, 2010 at 1:53 am