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SEASON_D Changes

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Well I am still converting my old 2.1.18 code to 3.0 and had to start hacking on the SEASONS_D

I’ve added the following time Sections: Evening, Afternoon and I had to put the weather changes aside until I have more time.  To fix an issue that I had with one of my NPC’s I had to add some sefuns:

int query_noon()  { return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “noon”); }
int query_afternoon(){return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “afternoon”); }
int query_evening() { return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “evening”); }
int query_dawn()   { return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “dawn”); }
int query_morning() { return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “morning”); }
int query_twilight(){ return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “twilight”); }
int query_night()  { return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “night”); }
int query_midnight(){ return (SEASONS_D->GetTimeOfDay() == “midnight”) ; }


Written by Troy

January 18, 2010 at 8:55 am