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GateWay Event: Search for the Jade Monkey

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Players on a game I admin, GateWay have asked that I run some events on a timed schedule to give them something to do and to encourage other players to log in at the same time.  So being the only active admin on the game and only having access to the world directory for the Orient Domain, I’ve decided to run an Event I will call: Search for the Jade Monkey.

I’ve experience in running table top games.  Long wild campaigns that span hours at a time and years in length.  But all the tools are at my finger tips (Dice, paper, and pencil), and planning amounts to little more then wild thoughts, and a notebook (or 10).  But the amount of depth that has gone into the development of my areas, and Holiday Parties on the game are not something that bodes well for this event.  The game is so ancient and lacking in tools to facilitate roleplaying that I have to do more pre-planning and code development.

I’ve also had lots of experience reading my players and knowing how to guide them and anticipate where they are going with the story.  I don’t know the playing style of these new players and am not sure how well they will follow the scripted storyline or where I need them to go. I am anxious about it.


Written by Troy

February 22, 2010 at 9:55 pm

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