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So streets are going to be the cornerstone of the urban setting of TalosMUD. Each Street is going to dynamically create the description of the ‘room’ based upon the street type, the buildings contained there. So Right Now we are adding the following functionality to the street_room.c:
void SetStreetName(string StreetName);
void SetStreetLights(int i);
void SetStreetWidth(int i);
void SetRoadType(int i);
void SetGuardRotation(int TimeInterval);
string GetStreetName();
int GetStreetLights();
int GetStreetWidth();
int GetRoadType();
int GetGuardRotation();

int DetermineWealth();
void AddBuilding(string Direction, string BuildingFileName);
void EstablishExits();
void GenerateDescription();
void EstablishLongs();

While we are on the topic of streets it is relevant to talk about what buildings are going to be. They are virtual constructs that will be the lifeblood of the city. The street will call the buildings to determine the descriptions and the longs of the ‘room’


Written by Troy

January 17, 2010 at 4:01 pm

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